family docMy name is Lesley (Les), and I am a wife and a stay at home mother to 3 wonderful kids, and a self diagnosed shop-a-holic. I decided to start Shopping with Les, because I know there are a lot of other people who, like me, are looking for a way to stretch their budget, without compromising, and even improving, their lifestyle.

When I started couponing, I did so in order to save money. In a matter of 3 ½ years we went from being a 2 income family with no kids, to a 1 income family with 3 kids (and school tuition)! Over the past 15 years I tried, and failed, several times, at couponing. I used to call myself a coupon dropout. Once I learned how much I could truly save, and how to do it easily, I went from coupon dropout to coupon junkie! I never understood how a $.25 coupon could really make a difference in my family’s life. I was grossly mistaken! Once I learned to shop differently, I was able to NOT ONLY slash our family’s monthly food and personal care budget by 50%– 60% every month, but I was also able to GREATLY increase the amount we are able to give to others every month!

Photo by Ally Cohen at Frameable Faces Photography