Creating A Family Photo Journal

Creating A Family Photo JournalPhoto Book Family Photo Journal

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to document your year and your kids’ growth?  Every year, at the end of the year, I wish I had a photo album of the entire year, but the idea of that project is just way too overwhelming to me.

I frequently start with the best of intentions, but when I sit down to put together my favorite family pictures into a photo book for the entire year, it ends up becoming a HUGE project that takes a really long time.  I always end up with way too many pictures, or I’m missing big chunks of time, and in the end I’m just frustrated.  Though I do make smaller books throughout the year of special events or occasions, each year I really wish I had one that encompasses the entire 12 months and truly documents my kids’ growth.  So this year I’m creating a new family project – A Year Long Family Photo Journal.

I always love the results, but each year I grumble that I should find a more efficient way to build my album.  Last year, I was pretty good (in spurts) about putting “favorite” pictures into a specific folder on my computer, but that also frequently went by the wayside, and in the end I don’t really think I saved myself much time or frustration.  So, this year, I’m trying something a little different!  I’m creating a Family Photo Journal, but I have very specific rules

For the Family Photo Journal, every Sunday, we will take a picture of the 3 kids, hopefully together, but that may not always be possible, for the book.  Any other great pictures that we take during the week can also be added, but at a minimum, each Sunday there will be one picture to mark the week.  We aren’t going to tell the kids what we are doing, or why we are taking the pictures – we snap enough anyway that they won’t think twice when someone whips out a camera or the a phone.  Some weeks I might have them posed, and some weeks it might be while they are sitting unaware.  I haven’t really figured out all the details yet, since I’m just starting out my project – but I’ll keep you updated along the way!

This past Sunday, January 5, the first Sunday of the year, was our FIRST picture.  I went ahead and chose my photo book in Snapfish, and put this week’s picture in it, as well as a few from New Year’s.  I’m using the 12×12 photo book.  Any of the sizes would work nicely.  It simply depends on how many pictures you are planning to add.  Using the 12×12 hopefully ensures that I won’t need to add too many extra pages at the end of the year.

Here is the very first Sunday picture!

Family Photo Journal

Along with the photographs, I hope to add some of my kids’ artwork.  All 3 of them love to draw and my older 2 love to write.  So I plan to scan and add in some of our (and most importantly their) favorites. The opening pages to our Family Journal will actually be the self portraits the kids all drew and the “A Little About Me” pages that they each filled out (well the girls filled out) on New Year’s Eve.

Snapfish frequently runs one of my favorite promos, Buy 1 Photo Book, Get 2 Free, and all 3 can be different.  I’m hoping that if this journal comes out as cute as I think it will, I’ll have a version for us, and we will create 2 other versions, one for each set of Grandparents.  The pictures, both the photos and the drawings, in each one can be tailored to the recipients.

Have you found a fun and creative way to document your family’s year?  I would love to hear some other ideas!

Would you like to try creating a Family Photo Journal this year as well?  Even though the first Sunday is already passed there are other ways to collect pictures on a set schedule!  Shopping with Les is giving away 1 $25 gift certificate to Snapfish to help 1 lucky reader create your own family photo journal (or whatever photo gift you’d like to make)!

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20 Responses to Creating A Family Photo Journal

  1. I keep a HUGE cloud of photos and I try to print them whenever I win giveaways or get a good deal on a photo book or a canvas or something =) Thanks!

  2. I have so many photos of my 3 year old that need developed from pregnancy through now. This would be a blessing !

  3. Yes my mom always puts her pictures on a CD so that way we have pictures of everything that year and so on.

  4. No I really don’t we take pictures, but it would be so nice to document them in a better more organized way!

  5. I’ve made a calender before. I took a family pic every month of the year, representing something fun we did, and then made it into a calender. It was so much fun to look back at all the fun things we did over the year, and how much we changed!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  6. I don’t have a way to document the year, but I love this idea! I will start taking at least one great picture each week and creating a photo book! Would make a great gift at the end of the year for grandparents too!