If you have a smartphone, either an iPhone or an Android, there are a lot of great ways to save additional money when you shop.  One of my favorite ways is with an app called Shopkick.  I’ve been using Shopkick for over 2 years now, and I’ve earned hundreds of dollars in rewards, PLUS I get exclusive coupons to stores through the app.

Shopkick works in several different ways.  First, it rewards you with kicks (points) for simply walking into a variety of stores; Target, CVS, Old Navy, Macy’s, Costco and Walmart just to name a few.  The stores that give you kicks for walking in have a sensor by the door.  When you walk in, open up the app on your phone, the sensor connects with your phone and you get your bonus kicks.  You can also earn bonus points in stores for scanning the barcodes on certain items.  I don’t do it every time I shop, because I don’t always have time, but whenever I have a few extra minutes, I stop and scan the different items.  Currently my Shopkick app says that I can earn 175 kicks (25 each for 7 items) for scanning items in CVS.  Since I pass pretty much all of them as I walk through the store anyway, it’s an easy way to earn some quick kicks.

In addition to earning FREE gift cards, or other great prizes, (I always redeem for gift cards), are the coupons.  Many of the stores that participate, including Target, Best Buy and Macy’s to name a few, have special coupons for Shopkick users.  The cashier should be able to scan the coupon directly from your phone.  I personally have never had a problem with this…but you never know with cashiers!

It doesn’t usually take me very long to rack up the Kicks.  For every 500 kicks I get a $2 Target gift card.  I get anywhere from 35 – 100 kicks just for walking in the store, and I can usually pick up another 150 – 200 for scanning, so on average, every 3rd trip, I’m earning a FREE $2 gift card!  This is before any special promotions for extra kicks that might be running!  If you want to try out Shopkick, and you sign up through the links in this post, you’ll get a bonus 50 points JUST FOR SIGNING UP!

Happy Shopkicking :)