The Best Gift EVER – Picture Mosaics Review and Promo


Created using Picture Mosaics Online Mosaic Tool

The Best Gift EVER – Picture Mosaic Review and Promo

Have you ever seen a picture mosaic hanging on the wall in someones house?  They are AWESOME!  I’ve been eyeing them for a long time, wondering how I can make my own…and then I found, and I was lucky enough to be able to create my own mosaic and write a review.

The software on is extremely easy to use.  I’m a perfectionist, and even with triple and quadruple checking that I was happy with all my mini tiles, I was able to create my perfect mosaic in under an hour….it would have been a lot faster, but I also had 3 little helpers that continuously came in to see the progress and then of course they wanted to find themselves as many times as possible!

Creating your mosaic is done in 4 easy steps – and your work is saved along the way, so if you start and want to finish later, it will all be held in your account for you.

  1.  Upload your Source Photo –  This will be the large picture that will be made up of all your little pictures. I choose a picture of my kids from last fall.  Source ImageOnce your source image is selected, you can edit it by zooming in and cropping if you want to remove some of the background space.  This is my original picture.  When I created my mosaic I used the software to zoom in on my kids, so their faces took up more of the actual picture, and I got rid of some of the extra area around them.  The great thing is that as you are creating your mosaic you can come back and edit your source image at any time.  After I added my little pictures, I even tested it out by putting different pictures in as the source image…this is the one our whole family agreed was our favorite!  Original Source Photo

2.  Upload Your Cell Pictures – Once the source image is chosen, and as I stated before you can switch it out if you’re like me and have a hard time deciding which picture to use, you can start uploading images to use as your cells.  You can pull thesis pictures from your computer, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google+, and Dropbox.  When I first started, I went through all of my Facebook albums, since I upload pictures almost daily and I have many of my favorites there.  One of my favorite features was that once a picture was chosen from my online accounts (I used both Facebook and Instagram) a green box was put around it.  Even if I came back to the same album a week later (and when I tested out making a duplicate of my design), the green boxes were still there so I didn’t add a duplicate image.  When you upload your pictures you want to add at least 150 – but you can add up to 7500!  The more pictures you add the better.  When all was said and done, I had 565 pictures added.  When I first uploaded my pictures I had added more pictures, but I removed some when I didn’t like how they cropped in my final project.    choose cells picture mosaicOnce you have all your pictures uploaded you can click to edit your cells and adjust the cell ratio, and by putting your mouse on each picture, you can rotate them, zoom in or out, and move them to the right or left.  And, if you decide you don’t like how a specific picture looks, this is where you can delete it out of your selected pictures.  I spent a lot of time playing with these pictures to get them exactly how I wanted them.  It was easy and fun to do…and then it was really cool to see how they made up my mosaic!  ratios - Picture Mosaics

3.  Creating your mosaic – After I had the pictures the way I thought I wanted them, I went onto the next step, creating my mosaic.  I chose a medium size mosaic, 24 x 18. select your mosaic sizeWith the click of my mouse, a sample of my mosaic was created!  To see it well, take a step back from your screen…it looks best when you are at least 4 – 5 feet away from it.  review and adujstmentsWhen the mosaic sample was created, I was able to change the size of my cells, I ended up choosing small, though we played with all the sizes, and we also moved around the color overlay and source overlay options to see how the mosaic looked with each option.  I really like that with the software you can make it like a true mosaic, where the cells are very pronounced, or you can make the source picture more pronounced, it’s completely up to you and what style you prefer.  After playing with it for a while, and getting the opinions of my entire family, we decided to go with the more “true mosaic” style and it looks fantastic!

image overlayOne of my favorite features in the software, is that at any point in time, until you place your order, you can EASILY make changes to your mosaic.  After you choose your mosaic options, you simply click “Explore Your Mosaic”, and a digital image is created, and you head to the final step in the process.

4.  Explore Your Mosaic – When you are in the final step, you have a digital version of your mosaic that you can edit.  On this image, you can zoom in on every single cell, and adjust it within your mosaic, and if you want to go back and change the cell sizes or any of your other previous choices – maybe you want to zoom in on your original picture more, you can always go back.  This is probably where I spent my most time.  My kids wanted to go through each and every picture with me and help me adjust the few that still needed to be zoomed in or out, and to decide on the few that should be deleted because we didn’t think they fit right.  preview editing - Picture Mosaics

Once we were all completely satisfied, I downloaded a digital version so everyone could see it before I placed my order.

Created using Picture Mosaics Online Mosaic Tool
(Image created using Picture Mosaics Online Mosaic Tool)

We placed our order on Tuesday, December 22 (so right before Christmas), and we received our print on Saturday, the 26th!  That is what I call AMAZING service – 4 days for print and delivery, with a holiday in the middle, and it looks GORGEOUS!  The actual printed image is 18 x 24 with a white boarder around it so it will be perfect for a matted frame.

Photo Mosaic

Check out the close ups of each of the faces:

elliot with watermark

emma with watermark

madelyn with watermark

My kids couldn’t stop staring at the picture when we got it.  They had to find themselves in every cell.    They all thought it was “so cool”, and they were amazed that this was the picture they all helped design.   We can’t wait to hang it once it comes back from the framer, they’ve already chosen the perfect place on our wall.

After experiencing how easy it is to make our own mosaic picture, and how great it looks when it arrives, this is now on my list of great gift ideas.  It makes a great gift for any occasion, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, family celebrations – the list is truly endless.

Picture Mosaics has offered a 50% discount to the first 15 Shopping With Les customers.  Simply head over to and use the promo code shopmosaic50 when you are checking out.

***UPDATE!  I finally had our picture framed, and I wanted to show you all the finished product!  It looks AMAZING!

mosaic framed small

Disclaimer:  Thanks to, I received a Photo Mosaic in exchange for a honest review.  

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  1. Thanks for the glowing review, Lesley! It’s great to hear that you were happy with your photo mosaic. We look forward to seeing more of your mosaic creations in the future! Thanks!