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Good Nite Lite

The Good Nite Lite – Our Favorite Sleep Aid – Help your kids get a good night’s sleep!

For those of you who know us in “real life” know that we are very strict with bed time and nap time, and our kids all follow our rules.  Some of this has to do with personalities.  Emma, our eldest is a rule follower, and she set the tone for her sister (her brother is a bit of a different story but I’ll get to that).

When Emma was some where between 2 and 2 1/2, my cousin introduced me to THE BEST INVENTION EVER, The Good Nite Lite.  The Good Nite Lite is a disk that when it lights up yellow looks like a sun, and when it’s blue it looks like a moon.

Built into the back is a timer.  The idea is that you set it so that the moon comes on at bedtime and can serve as a night light, and then in the morning, when it’s time to wake up, it turns yellow and the sun comes on, giving a visual cue that it’s time to get up.  The Good Nite Lite comes with a 30 day money back guarantee (and a 1 year warranty on the device) that your child will follow their system, so I immediately ordered one.  When Emma’s sun/moon showed up, we had hyped it up and she couldn’t wait to plug it in.  Since, as I said before, she is a rule follower, once she had it, she never tried to get up before her sun came on.  We used (and still use) it for both night time and nap/rest time.  Even though Emma can read a clock, this is still an easy visual cue for her.  As Madelyn got a little older, (at the time she was an infant), even before she got her own sun, when she was ready to get up, she’d yell “My sun is up!” Since that is what she’d hear Emma call to us.  As soon as she was close to 2 1/2, we ordered her a Good Nite Lite right away!

Good Nite Lite

Well, now Elliot is just over 2 1/2 and he was beyond ready for his sun/moon.  He was up far too early for my liking, and when he’d wake up of course he’d call for me!  For the past few months The Good Nite Lite has been in and out of stock faster than you can blink.  When I ordered Emma’s sun/moon all of the orders were placed on their website, but now they do all of their orders through Amazon, so while they were constantly running out of stock, I was stalking their product page on Amazon throughout the day until I was lucky enough to get one.  The stock levels seem to go up and down (I’ve been watching them over the past few weeks), but it doesn’t seem like they are running out anymore.

They have made one really great improvement over the version my girls have.  With the newest model, the brightness of the moon now dims after 1 hour which is great.  Madelyn doesn’t like her moon to be on all night since it is too bright for her (we set it to come on 1 minute before her sun).  Now that Madelyn doesn’t sleep daily during rest time, I will also use the moon as a “clean up” cue for her.  She has quiet time every afternoon, and I set her moon to come on 10 minutes before her sun.  She knows that she needs to start picking up her toys when her moon comes on so her room isn’t a disaster when her rest time is over.  She doesn’t always get it all done (she’s only 4), but she’s learning that if she doesn’t want clean up to cut into our afternoon activity, she should take advantage of the end of her quiet time.

When we got Elliot his sun, he caught on pretty quickly as well.  He’s not the same rule follower as sisters, but once he learned we weren’t going to bend, he stopped trying.  The first morning, he woke up 10 minutes before his sun came on.  When he called for me I went in his room and simply told him it wasn’t time to get up yet, his sun is not yellow.  and I walked out.  Needless to say, he was NOT HAPPY with me.  He SCREAMED for the next 8.5 minutes.  We had set his like we set Madelyn’s so that the moon comes on 1 minute before the sun.  At 8.5 minutes I went back in and said, “Are you watching?  It’s going to turn blue soon.”  And pretty much on cue, it turned blue, which made him very happy.  Then I told him it would only be 1 more minute.  We sang 2 songs together, and it turned yellow.  He was so excited he started jumping all around.

For the next few days, he stayed in his bed and played if he woke up before his sun came on.  After the first week, he tried to test us again.  One morning he decided he was going to SCREAM to get up before his sun came on.  I didn’t take him out.  It was actually only 10 minutes early, but I offered to cover him back up, so he laid down and he actually went back to sleep for 45 more minutes!  Since then, he has called for me a few times, but all I have to do is go in and say “Is your sun yellow?”  and he will say “No” and then I’ll ask if he thinks it’s time to get up, and he says “No”, and I then say,”I’ll see you when your sun comes on”.  Sometimes he’ll ask for a binkie and to be covered up and sometimes he just wants to play in his bed.  If it’s more than 10 – 15 minutes before his “wake up time” I usually offer to cover him up. While we were on vacation over the 4th of July, he was sleeping in our room.  He was up early, long before me, and though he was chattering to himself, he didn’t ask to get up until his sun turned yellow.

We are now at the end of his first 30 days, today, 7/21/13 is the 30th day, and Elliot is completely trained to his sun and moon just like his sisters.  When he wakes up early from his nap he plays quietly in his bed until his sun comes on, and it’s the same in the mornings.  Since it’s summertime, all 3 kids have their suns set for the same time which makes things easier.  I was a big concerned for the fall when Emma will get up an hour earlier than my other 2.  Madelyn was already used to it from last year, and she never minded.  But Elliot was used to being up when Emma got up.  Last week, Emma had an early morning appointment and wasn’t going to camp.  She had to get up 30 minutes before everyone else.  He was awake, playing in his bed, and he proudly said, “I can’t get up yet, my sun’s not ‘lellow’!”

If you struggle with getting your kids to go to sleep, sleep in, or to at least stay in their rooms in the morning, I cannot speak highly enough about The Good Nite Lite.  Everyone I know that has used it with their kids has been happy with it.  If it’s already close to the time that my kids are supposed to get up, they won’t go back to sleep, but they know, they can’t come out of their rooms (except to use the bathroom of course) until the sun comes on.   We set the time for the sun differently depending on the day of the week and when the kids need to be someplace.

On 2 different occasions, I have contacted the company because the blue blubs in Emma’s light have gone out (each after 2 years).  Emma still likes her moon on all night, so I don’t expect the light bulbs to last longer than that.  They are on for 10 – 12 hours each night daily for 2+ years, plus until this year, for another 2 hours each afternoon  during her rest time.  I would have gladly bought another light each time, and each time I’ve inquired to see if there is a way to change the bulbs or have it repaired.  Since there is not, even though the Good Nite Lite warranty is only for 1 year, both times they have replaced her unit, and I’ve simply paid shipping for the replacement.  They truly stand behind their product, and the company is wonderful to work with.

The Good Nite Lite is currently priced at $43.99, and shipping is free.  Since all of the sales are now through Amazon, with Amazon Prime, your Good Nite Lite will arrive in 2 days, other wise it will come as Super Saver Shipping.

This review was written SOLELY based on our experiences.  I did not receive any products in exchange, and the company doesn’t even know I’m posting this!    


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