FitBit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker – My FAVORITE Weight Loss Tool!

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FitBit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker – My FAVORITE Weight Loss Tool!

With the holidays starting up, I am constantly hearing people talk about losing weight.  They are either, trying not to put too much on during the holiday season, or gearing up to start losing after they are all over – or for a few brave souls, some trying start during the holidays.

Weight loss is a hot topic in my life.  I’ve always struggled with my weight, and having 3 kids in less than 4 years definitely didn’t make things any easier on my body.  But, after my son was born, I made a decision that I was going to shed my unwanted weight, and keep it off, once and for all.  It took me a little while to actually get motivated to do it, but I am (I’m still not quite done, though I’m close), and I’ve never felt better.  During the past year, I’ve lost a lot of weight.  On almost a daily basis, I’m asked about my secret.  So, here’s my secret…I GOT UP AND GOT MOVING!  I literally walked my *ss off :).

Along with moving, to some degree I changed my eating – but I haven’t had to cut anything out of my diet entirely.  I was always a fairly healthy eater, though I admit, I love chocolate, sweets and junk as much as the next person – but my biggest issue was that I liked the junk AND I was lazy!

I started my journey by working out at the gym 3 days a week, in 30 minutes sessions, with a trainer, and that helped some, but I was getting frustrated with my slow progress.  As the winter went on I increased my training sessions, up to 3 times a week for an hour each which helped, but it still wasn’t enough, I knew I needed to get up and get moving even more.

Last spring, as soon as the weather warmed up, I made a commitment to start walking, and that alone changed my life.  I started by walking a little each day, but I quickly added mileage.  I started walking my kids to school, 2.6 miles round trip – and then many days I started walking to pick them up too, making it 5.2 miles.

By June, I was walking as much as I could, and a friend of mine told me about my FAVORITE TOOL, the Fitbit Zip! The Fitbit is AMAZING!  There are several different levels of devices, but I decided to order the most basic model (the Zip) because I didn’t really need all of the features in the other ones – and to be honest I wanted to make sure I’d really use it before I invested any more money in a more advanced model.  I still wasn’t completely convinced that I was going to be successful.        

In addition to walking my younger 2 kids to school (and often home from school) almost EVERY DAY (weather permitting), once camp started, we also walked my eldest to camp, which added another 1 – 1 1/2 miles to the morning drop off the route.  In addition, I walked several miles each evening – I convinced several friends, including my trainer who told me how much she hates walking (I hate going to the gym) that they wanted to walk with me everyday.  During the summer I was averaging 10 miles a day, and the pounds melted right off.  Walking the kids to school has become part of our routine, they know that unless it’s raining, or once the snow comes it’s too deep to push a stroller, or unless it’s really bitter cold, my plan is to walk.

Now, I’m sure you are wondering, if I’m already walking so much, why would I need a Fitbit Zip?  Personally, I need tools to help keep me accountable.  I work out with a trainer because I know that I won’t break an appointment.  I will be at the gym, on time every day that I’m supposed to, no matter how tired I’m feeling or how much work I have to do, or how many errands I have to run.  If I didn’t have a trainer, I can guarantee, I’d have the best of intentions, but life would simply get in the way of the gym (I’ve been there and done that before).   The Fitbit, and most importantly the data it provides me helps me both stay accountable AND motivated!  If I see during the day that I’m not hitting my set goals, I get up and get moving.  Or, if I come home from a long walk, see how many calories I’ve burned, I’m much less likely to grab an unhealthy snack and blow my hard work.      

The Fitbit Zip is a VERY advanced pedometer.  Along with tracking your steps, distance and calories burned (which is always great), it also allows you to track your food and water, and other activities.  With the Fitbit Zip you can set personal goals and track them with their software through their FREE mobile app and their FREE online dashboard. You can challenge your friends, compare your stats, and even give each other some encouragement.  Plus, if you are already using some of the other fitness apps (like my favorite, MyFitnessPal) the Fitbit Zip will sync with it.

The Fitbit devices all sync to your computer and to some smartphones (the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy).  Through the Fitbit dashboard you can see your past history plus you can log all of your current information, AND connect with other Fitbit users to help you stay motivated.

Right now, the Fitbit Zip is currently $49.88 (this is the charcoal one…but the other colors are all within a few pennies of this price).  Regular Price is $59.95.  Shipping is FREE with both Amazon Prime (you’ll have it in 2 days) or with Super Saver Shipping since it’s over $35.

The last time I saw the Fitbit Zip price drop, it didn’t stay down very long.  SO, if you are considering it, I wouldn’t hesitate!

Check out what I looked like last October and what I look like now :)…I don’t have many pictures along the way because I’m usually the one snapping pictures, so unfortunately I can’t really show my progress through out the process.  (I wasn’t going to post the pictures at all, but my hubby insisted!)

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The Fitbit Zip ships FREE with Amazon Prime (2-day shipping) or Super Saver shipping.

My next Fitbit product purchase is going to be the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale.  It works in conjunction with the FitBit Zip to track weight loss, body fat and BMI.  Amazon has also dropped the price on the white one to $118.35 (regular price $129.95), and in my searching, this is the cheapest I can find it anywhere.  The Fitbit Aria can track up to 8 users, and each account is password protected.  If you’re using the Fitbit, the data will all tie together to give you a more complete picture.

Remember, pricing on Amazon can change quickly, so double check the price before you buy!  

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