Valentine’s Day Spirit – Fun Heart Hairdo

heart hairdo  heart hairdo

So our family doesn’t usually make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day.  Until this year, my kids go to a Jewish preschool that doesn’t celebrate it, and so it just went by like any other day.  But, this year is a little different.  My eldest is in kindergarten at our neighborhood school, where of course they are having a party.  For the last few weeks she’s been talking about giving Valentines to all of her friends, and she couldn’t wait for the party at school.  Since this will probably be the only year she will have any formal Valentine’s Day celebration, next year she’ll be back in a Jewish private school, I wanted to let her have a little fun with it…so I went searching on one of my favorite resources, Pinterest!  Lo and behold, I came up with an adorable heart hairdo!

Ever since I told her about it, she’s been asking me about putting her hair into hearts, but I made her wait until today.  And I have to say, for a first try, they came out pretty cute.  My middle daughter liked them so much that she also wanted her hair in hearts.

When I went searching, there were a lot of different options.  Some of them look really cool, (there are a lot of talented people out there) but I wanted SIMPLE since I wasn’t planning on practicing.  I wanted quick, and something I could do in a 1 shot deal.  I found the perfect solution on and I was even able to watch a video to see just how to do it!

Now, after doing a heart hair do this morning, I’m on a mission to find other cute (and of course simple) ways to do their hair!  If you have any great inspiration or ideas, please send me pictures!  I’d love to highlight them and try them out.

FYI, my girls both have pretty fine hair, though my eldest (the blond) has more of it.  When I picked my middle daughter up from preschool, I was surprised at how well the hearts stayed in her hair!  My eldest is still at school, but the picture that was sent to me from their party looks like hers are staying pretty well too :).

Here is a simple explanation as to how to do the heart hair do:

First, I used a Topsy Tail tool to help.  It’s not totally necessary, but it probably wouldn’t have been as neat without it.  I picked up the Topsy Tail at CVS and I use it pretty much daily to “flip” their hair.

1.  Put the hair it 2 pony tails.  I got the hair damp before putting it up so that they would be smooth.

2.  Use the Topsy Tail to do a reverse flip.  A regular flip puts the pony tail through the top, a reverse puts it in the bottom.

3.  Wet pony tail #1, so that it’s damp if it’s already dry, and split it in half.  Twist each half out and away from the center of the pony tail, twisting the left to the left and the right to the right, and bring them together with a band at the bottom.  You may have to help form the heart a little.

4.  The hearts stayed in place, but I did add a bobby pin behind the top of each one to help keep it secure at school.

5.  Spray with a little bit of hairspray, and your done!

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